Team members

Martin Peterka

Martin Peterka is the head of the CSIRT.CZ  security team and the internal security team of the CZ.NIC Association, CZ.NIC-CSIRT . Martin completed a degree in Automated Control Systems at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University Košice. He then worked on the development of an information system for production management at VSŽ Informatika. Between 1999 and 2003, he managed a project for CZ domain administration at KPNQwest Czechia, the company that secures the operation of the CZ domain for the CZ.NIC Association. As the Operations Director of the CZ.NIC Association, he is in charge of the flawless operation of the CZ domain name registry, oversees the work of customer support operators, and helps resolve domain holders' serious issues. Martin is also the association’s contact person for domain registrars.

Pavel Bašta

Pavel Bašta has worked on the CSIRT.CZ team as a security analyst since January 2011. Pavel began as a network administrator in a small staffing company; he then moved to Český Telecom, or Internet OnLine, where he focused on technical support. For Telefónica he worked in the data circuit monitoring centre, where he became familiarised in detail with the configuration of Cisco routers. His work also involved resolving customer problems with mail, web hosting and domain services, including problems related to the security of client services. In recent years he served as an information system administrator, caring for the proper functioning of Telefónica servers and its customers running on MS Windows. Paul has MCSE and MCTS certification. In his spare time he enjoys reading, biking and playing the bass.

Michal Prokop

Michal Prokop, a computer security specialist, contributes to the operation of the internal CZ.NIC-CSIRT security team and the Czech national CSIRT team. He graduated from the Institute of Computer Science, and while studying at the Czech University of Life Sciences, where he studied systems engineering and computer science, he worked at Global Payments Europe, s.r.o. as a tester. Michal came to the CZ.NIC Association in 2008. In his spare time he enjoys travel, photography and science fiction literature.

Edvard Rejthar

Edvard Rejthar's work in the CSIRT.CZ and CZ.NIC-CSIRT relates mainly to the analysis of malicious code on webpages in the CZ domain, the development and automation of data processing and the analysis for the Turris project. He is experienced as mobile content manager, and as free webdesigner. Besides software engineering, he studied management and french language as well. His hobbies include theatre and songwriting.

Kateřina Vokrouhlíková

Kateřina joined CZ.NIC in 2011 as a specialist on customer support where she began to spend more time with the mojeID project and then the registry. Later on she changed her position to the wholesale support. Currently she is studying mathematics and science at the Technical University in Liberec. Part of her bachelor thesis is a system of incident reporting, their analysis, improving service quality and interconnection of the system. In the team, Kateřina is responsible for routine operation and incident handling. She spends her free time mostly with her children.

Martin Kunc

Martin works in CSIRT.CZ as security analyst since November 2016. Fascinated by computers at young age Martin narrowed his focus throughout computer games and later computer networks to cyber security. He studied technical college after which he graduated from applied computer science at University of South Bohemia. Prior joining CSIRT.CZ Martin worked at S.ICZ (I.CZ) as Network Technology Specialist/Developer/Analyst. He enjoys volleyball, plays guitar and he likes to travel, but he has less and less time for computer games.

Petr Špringer

Peter works in CSIRT.CZ as security analyst since June 2017. He studied bussines college with focus on informatics. Now he is finishing bachellor degree in economy informatics at Univerity of South Bohemia, where he finded out, that his interest in computers is bigger than in economic. He enjoys football, plays guitar, camping, watching eSports and free time spend with his friends.

Filip Pokorný

Filip nastoupil do CSIRT.CZ jako bezpečností analytik v roce 2018. V týmu se podílí zejména na správě a vývoji systémů automatického zpracování dat. Zájem o počítače u něj započal již v útlém věku u stařičké hry DOOM a od té doby se rozvinul až ke studiu informačních technologií na vysoké škole. Má za sebou dva roky zkušeností na pozici vývojáře a jeho velkým nadšením se stal systém GNU/Linux. Jeho největším relaxem je poslech dobré hudby a nepřekvapivě má rád cestování.